When I started blogging in 2007, I remember thinking “What in the world do I have to say that anyone needs to read?”

As I  sat and pondered my blog name, I felt a sense of unworthiness  even thinking I needed a public place to click away at my keyboard.

But, I knew deep inside that this whole blog thing wasn’t really about me.

At the time, it was definitely about Nick and trying to find a place where I could share the highs and lows of his fight with cancer……

But it was also about God and having a place to share what He means to me and how He works in my life and how His Words are what keep me going.

As I thought and thought about “His Words,” I began thinking about “My Heart.”

My heart wanted to share……

My heart needed an outlet……

But without His Words, I had nothing to say.

Thus began, “My Heart His Words.”

Many times I sit down to blog in the morning and thoughts are stirred inside me by something I have read in my quiet time.

Other times, though, I read His Words and even though my heart may be moved, I still feel wordless.

I’ve been feeling wordless off and on recently.

I’m not sure why.

I wonder if Joshua ever felt wordless in the days following Moses death?

Moses had delivered so many instructions, so many songs, so many blessings to the various tribes of Israel in his last weeks of life, and then he slipped off to Pisgah Peak and died.

I can’t imagine being the person to whom everyone turned after they had been led for 40 years by such a great man.

In just a few verses, God tells Joshua “be strong and courageous” multiple times.

I have to believe God sensed fear deep in Joshua’s spirit.

I love that God knows exactly what we need to hear and when.

For me, the listening part of my relationship with God often gets overshadowed by the talking part.

I want to be someone who patiently listens for His voice, His message.

Not someone who plows ahead without His guidance.

I’m glad Joshua stayed calm and listened to God in a season of his life when panic could have been the easiest option.

It’s not until after God speaks to Joshua that Joshua chooses to open his own mouth and speak to the people.

I want to be like Joshua.

I want to listen first and share later.

I want to trust God for the next word and not try to come up with my own.

Today, if you find yourself wordless in a situation, I think it’s okay to just be quiet.