holy spirit

I spread out my hands to you;

   I thirst for you like a parched land.

Psalm 143:6

Mom sent a text this morning asking to borrow something that I knew I had……….but after searching the house up and down, I cannot find it anywhere.

I’m thinking it could be in the shed outside which would involve way more effort than I think I can muster.  But knowing me, I’ll be heading out there soon just to get some peace of mind, because not knowing where it is has gnawed at me all day.

Do you ever misplace something and search and search until you find it?

I’m reminded of the widow searching for her one lost coin.

Or the shepherd looking high and low for one sheep that was missing out of a flock of one hundred

God has placed inside us the desire to search for things that are lost, because He searches for those who are lost and we are created in His image.

Today, I’m longing to feel more like Him when it comes to being around and seeking out the spiritually lost.

I’ve gotten comfortable in the safety of the walls of my home over the past two months, and I’m fairly sure I’ll be released back into civilization after my appointment tomorrow morning.


Back into the world.

Back to teaching.

Back to a busy schedule.

I’m needing a good dose of Holy Spirit covering right now……..





My Everything

Rain down on me.

Seeking Him as He Teaches me to Seek Others Who Need Him,