There’s something about bouncing from a trip to Washington DC ……..

to a trip to Nashville so you can help your son and his wife load a moving truck……..

to having company for the weekend that almost seems a bit crazy!

Tim’s sister, husband, and our nephew Phillip pulled in last night a few hours after we returned from Nashville, so I’m trying to sneak and write a blog post while everyone is busy in the kitchen!

There was no time to pull out a laptop in Nashville, so hopefully you read my Facebook updates from time to time.  I could add those easily from my phone!

I am happy to say that in spite of some tears and a feeling of “Where did all the years go with our little Erich?” I am actually excited for him and Mallory! 

First, they will live in Dallas for two years and work on Masters programs.  Erich will be receiving a Masters in Community Development online through Johnson Bible College while working as a nurse.  Mallory will be working on a Masters in Applied in Linguistics through the Graduate School of Applied Linguistics in Dallas.  In two years after raising all of their support, they will be moving to another country. 

When you see the excitement Erich and Mallory have for working towards the goal of moving to an unreached people group to translate the Bible into their currently unwritten language, you can’t help but join them in their happiness!

Here’s how I finally came to peace with their big decision:

I imagined me standing before the throne of God one day and having God question me about a people group that was unable to read the Bible in their own language and what part I played in this………

and I decided that saying, “I didn’t want my son and daughter-in-law to move away,” seemed pretty selfish.

So, with that said, I am happy, excited, and thankful to be the mom of Erich and the mother-in-law (I think mom-in-law sounds a little less heavy, but I have never heard that used before so I guess I’ll stick with the traditional title) of Mallory!!

I’m learning to embrace every day again for what it holds even if I’m holding less and less in my arms.

Somehow God seems to fill them with needs around me.  Today, He’s filled my arms with Phillip, Jen, and Gary’s visit, helping Olivia pack for church camp, and concerns at the Carter County Jail where I’ll be going this evening.  My arms are full.

My heart is also full.  Full of love for Erich, Mallory, Evan, and Todd who are all away, busy, and living their dreams fully.  I am proud of each of them and thankful to be their mom. 

I thought today I’d share a few photo memories from the week and wish you all a very happy first weekend of June!


Nashville to Dallas Move 0180018





















Nashville to Dallas Move 0590059

Nashville to Dallas Move 0620062

Nashville to Dallas Move 0610061

Nashville to Dallas Move 0630063

Nashville to Dallas Move 0720072

Nashville to Dallas Move 0760076

Eccl. 3:1

There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under the heavens……..


Thank you for keeping Erich and Mallory in your prayers as they start this big adventure in Dallas!

I love you all so much!