It’s December 18th.

Six more days until Christmas Eve.


Part of me wants to panic as I realize I haven’t wrapped the first gift.

I haven’t even finished shopping.


But what would that change about today?


When does anxiety ever change reality?

When does worry ever bring peace?


I’m trying to embrace the holiday season this year.

Soak up every minute.

Cherish every shared laugh with family and friends.


I sometimes slip, inviting stress to join me on my journey toward Christmas.


When I do slip, I remind myself of just how silly I become when I allow “me” to replace “Him” in my actions and words.

Alone, I focus on my needs, my expectations, my “to do” lists.

I fill my time with “me-centered” activities.


But when I choose to be quiet,

everything changes.


I hear His voice in the laughter around me.

I feel His love in the hugs of my friends.
I see Him in the twinkling lights,

longing to brighten and make beautiful not just the holiday season but every single day of every single year.


As I venture to work today,

I want to be quiet and listen.


I want the craziness of the countdown to Christmas to be replaced with a serene sense of the season’s significance.


Today, take a deep breath.

Soak up every conversation, every shared moment with those around you.


Be still.




a silent and holy night is nearing.

Don’t rush it.

Don’t stress over it.


Embrace it.

Cherish it.

Be thankful for it.


Make this choice today and see what happens –


“Be still, and know that I am God.”

Psalm 46:10