This is what you’ll see many times as you walk into our bathroom.

July 2012 050

One roll of toilet paper precariously balanced on the almost-used-up roll beneath.

July 2012 048

I’m not sure if it is result of someone being nice and not wanting to leave the next person in a pinch, or if is a result of one person being lazy and not wanting to take the effort to switch out the obviously two-sheet-remaining roll for a new one.

Either way, it use to really bug me.

I’d see the new roll sitting on top, mutter something under my breath about “why I have to do everything around here,” and then somewhat proudly, as if God had listed this household chore specifically in Proverbs 31, change the roll myself.

Guess what?

I don’t really care anymore.

As a matter of fact, we’re almost through the roll on top now, and I’m kind-of wondering what we’ll do then!

If someone tries to balance a third roll on top of the second nearly-empty roll, I promise I’ll take a picture.

I say all of this simply to say that our life rolls along at about the same speed as our toilet paper.

We almost finish one thing just before diving into the next.

And sometimes life gets crazy.

But, deep inside, I think I love a little crazy.

It keeps me hopping, laughing, remembering that life still has meaning, even when my heart is aching.

So tonight, I’m hoping to pull together a poetic, photographic memory of our past three weeks………

after I get back from jail which is the next thing to “roll” into the schedule for the day.

Until then, I wanted to let you know that MARTHA’S SURGERY WENT PERFECTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They were able to remove every bit of the tumor and some tissue around it, and they are so thankful for all of your prayers!

Please keep praying that she and her family will have peace and many opportunities to share the love of God at MD Anderson.

I know they will use every single chance. Smile

PS It felt so good to write something……..even if it was about toilet paper.

I promise I’ll write about deeper things soon…

or at least I’ll try.

I love you all so much!