As I sit here tonight in my kitchen, I hear voices on the TV in the living room saying, “Bye, bye, mommy loves you,” as a mom says bye to her children and heads back to compete in the TV series “The Biggest Loser.” I like this show a lot. This reality show takes people who are struggling to find their inner selves and teaches them how to be all they can be……but it takes a lot of work, sweat, and tears to accomplish this daunting task.

In the end, the person who loses the most weight not only wins the personal satisfaction of having pushed themselves the hardest but they also win $100,000! It is amazing how different the contestants look when the show begins and when it ends. I am always sitting with my jaw dropped wide open in shock! It is truly inspiring to watch people win more than money…they win a life they have always longed for!

However, as I sit here tonight I can’t help but think of the Scripture in Matthew 16 that says, “What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul?”

Wow! Our society puts so much emphasis on the losing of weight and the gaining of self-esteem, but I believe that the true “biggest loser” is the person who knows that Jesus is the only way to Heaven and yet does not accept Him as their Lord and Savior. My goal as a mom is to make sure my children are NOT the biggest loser!! My goal as a Christian is to make sure I do everything I can to help everyone I meet learn how to not become the “biggest loser.”

Remember, in the end our success will not be measured by what we have gained……but it will be measured by what we have not lost! Do you know where your soul is right now? Please don’t lose it.