I’m thankful the forecast for snow is arriving on a Friday evening.

Even though snow tonight won’t bring a snow day, I am so excited about seeing a white blanket across our yard; and truthfully, I’m relieved that I won’t have a reason to get out and walk on it!!

The thought of slipping in the snow is not sounding too attractive this morning as the impact of my fall yesterday morning is settling into my body.

Sometimes recovering from a fall takes time.

For today, I just feel compelled to say this:

Be easy on yourself if you are in a valley, feeling down and discouraged.

We live in a society where things move quickly.  Technology has driven us to do more with less time and give the allusion that we can multi-task simply because computers can.

I don’t know about you, but my mind is still a simple processor of information.

I get overloaded quickly.

I feel the pressure of this world’s expectations and sometimes I fall into a pit of anxiety and stress.

I’m human and so are you.

I think back to the days of “Little House on the Prairie” and the simple evening dinners by candlelight.  I visualize Laura and Mary climbing up to their loft to go to bed, laying under their quilt and talking about their day without the need for cell phones or laptops, and I think, NO WONDERED KIDS TODAY SEEM SO TIRED, SO BOGGED DOWN, SO OVERLY-INVOLVED IN THE LIVES OF EVERYONE AROUND THEM.

Falling into a pit seems easy these days.

I had several girls in tears at school yesterday, and I hurt for them.

How do we help this generation?

Falling yesterday morning in my laundry room was no fun, but in some ways, I am thankful for the reminder that this world is hurting because we are a fallen people.

Romans 3 says “we have all sinned and fall short of God’s glory.”

This reality can leave us in a life of pain if we don’t read the whole verse.

Right before this news about our state of falling short, Paul tells us that our “righteousness comes from God through Jesus Christ…..TO ALL WHO BELIEVE.”

Today, I am praying that you will allow your belief in Jesus to lift you out of your fallen state and then cause you to want to help those around you.

We are surrounded every day by a world who NEEDS TO KNOW THAT THERE IS MORE TO THIS WORLD THAN THIS WORLD!

Let’s all determine to share this great news today so that others who fall can have the same hope we do!

I love you all so much.