When Margo and I sat in a high school physics class together thirty years ago,

we never dreamed that one day we would sit on a couch with our daughters, both from India, thirty years later.

But while we were home for Thanksgiving this year, we had the wonderful pleasure of going to Margo’s house to meet her newest daughter, Sanjana!

Sanjana, now 11, has been in an orphanage since she was just a little girl!

Arriving in America just a week before this picture was taken,

I can’t imagine what kinds of things go through her mind every day,

but I’m sure seeing Olivia’s familiar-looking face brought a big smile!

November Memories 053

Here’s a picture of all of us who were there that day (Margo has four daughters now!)…..

and yes, that bearded person is really my son, Todd!!

Oh my!

He loves his beard!! Smile

November Memories 054

As we were visiting, Margo was talking about the fact that Sanjana reads and speaks Marathi.

Here is something she has written since arriving in America just a few weeks ago…

November Memories 066

Margo wondered if there was a Bible in her language…….

and as we were talking Todd found one on His phone!!!

When he handed the phone to Sanjana, she was captivated by Genesis 1.

November Memories 056

November Memories 057

Having grown up Hindi, I wonder what Sanjana was thinking as she read,

“In the beginning, God….”

November Memories 058

She was mesmerized.

November Memories 059

She didn’t want to stop reading.

November Memories 063

Todd, who plans to work on the mission field someday and who will spend the summer out of the country this next year,

loved every minute of Sanjana’s first Bible-reading moment!

We all did!

Looking at these pictures of Sanjana reading a Bible for the first time reminds me of what a gift the Bible is to each of us.

We should all be drawn in to God’s Words with the same wide-eyed wonder!

I’m thankful today for Olivia and Sanjana,

our Indian girls,

and what they teach us every day about God’s love for all mankind and His desire for everyone to know Him as the ONE TRUE GOD.

November Memories 076

Please keep Sanjana and Margo’s family in your prayers as they grow closer every day and Sanjana begins to understand just how much God and Margo’s family love her!