Here’s Todd at his concert last night. Somehow I was able to snap this picture right as he went to sit back down with the band.

He had sung with the choir earlier and now the band was joining with the choir to do one last Christmas finale, so Todd had to take his place in the brass section.

I tried to load a video so you could hear the choir sing, but I guess I am going to need some help with that. 🙂

I have to admit that I fell into some kind of “funk” just an hour or so before the concert. I had had a decent day and then had felt tired, so I laid down to rest for a few minutes and wouldn’t you know it?

My mind started wandering and then remembering Nick running in the yard catching a football with Tim or jumping on our trampoline or speeding around in our friend’s golf cart………….the next thing I knew, I was so blue.

It took everything within me to get my camera, be nice to my husband, and get Olivia to her friend’s for her basketbal game.

As I entered the chapel for the concert, I wanted to crawl under a pew. I felt as if everyone were looking at me to see “how I was doing?” I am sure they weren’t, but when you feel out of sorts, things like that just become amplified.

Anyway, we found our seats and Tim videotaped while I took pictures. We were able to make a fairly quick get away afterwards, hugging some people along the way.

I’m glad we went. I just missed Nick’s commentary throughout the program. He would always say the funniest things.

Every first is going to be hard. I know that deep inside.

But knowing something doesn’t always prepare you for doing something.

Praying God’s Protection on our next First Thing,