family pic one

Saturday, before everyone went their separate ways, we took a few family pictures in hopes of sending out a Christmas card this  year.

2007 was the last time I mustered up the energy to mail out Christmas greetings, so I thought it was time to reenter the holiday spirit of actually sharing our “love” with friends and family by sending cards.

We chose this special place in mom’s backyard, because the figurine in the front is Jesus with two small children.  A friend of my mom’s gave it to her in memory of Nick and Adrienne.

It felt good to gather here.

thanksgiving weekend 105_resize thanksgiving weekend 112_resize Do you see Hugo in the background???  He had so much fun running in circles in the leaves!

thanksgiving weekend 113_resize

Nick would have had so much fun building this pyramid.

He was with us.  I just know he was! 

I found a shiny 2008 penny on the floor right next to mom’s guest room bed when I was taking off the sheets…looking back, I realized that it was at almost exactly the same time that Nick went Home on the same Saturday in 2008. 

I hope your Thanksgivings were full of special memories.