One of the signs that my life has become way too busy is when I begin to “slip” at making entries on my blog!

It’s not that I haven’t been reading and reflecting. It’s just that I find myself doing a lot more “mental” reflecting than written. This frustrates me, because I often lose some of my thoughts somewhere between carpooling, grocery shopping, having company, doing laundry, and cooking dinner!!!

On the other hand, I think that my blog sometimes needs a break from me…..if that makes sense.

I never started blogging so that I would have something to say every day.

So, when I get into those times where I begin to feel “pressured” as if I am going to get a bad grade or something for not posting a new blog entry, then I know I need to pull back and reevaluate the reason I blog.

I blog because I love Jesus and I want to share His love with you.

I blog because it helps me grow closer to God.

I blog because it gives my children, my friends, and maybe even my extended family, a little “insight” into my heart that I may not be able to share in words. My mom said I always sent notes as a little girl instead of “talking” about something that was on my heart. I would leave notes on my mom’s pillow or wherever I thought she would find them when I wasn’t around.

I blog because it helps me heal from my grief in a very personal way.

I blog because it has allowed me to make new friends as well as develop closer relationships with some people I already knew.

But, I don’t ever want to blog just because I think my words mean anything.

My words never will.

His Words are all that matter to me.

So from my heart I just wanted to say that I am thankful for all of you who visit me here and for all of who you are committed to loving and learning from HIS WORDS.

Thank you for loving me even when I am a “slipping blogger!”

Forever Falling for Him,