Last night as Tim and I were driving back from Todd’s choir concert in Ashland this was the conversation in our car:

Tammy: “Have you heard Amy Grant’s song about hallelujah (I couldn’t remember the name).”

Tim:  Yes, I don’t care for it.

Tammy:  What!?!?! I love that song.

Tim:  Really?   I feel like it’s saying that God loves when we are sad  or crying.

Tammy: Oh, I didn’t hear it that way.  I guess I just think that “hallelujah, praise the Lord” is easy to say when life is going our way.  I think the song is trying to say that God loves when people cry out to Him even when life is tough.

Tim:  Hmmmmm, I’ll have to listen to it again.

Well, Tim, here you go. 🙂

I’d love to know what you all think of this song.

If you share even just a word or two, you’ll be entered to win a little prize (a book and a thumbs-up rupee.)

The drawing will be next Friday afternoon.

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I’m not getting anything from Amy Grant for sharing this song.  I’m just looking for a little conversation about a song that obviously can affect people in lots of different ways.  I can definitely see Tim’s point of view.  I had just never thought of it that way until he said that.  (Just click on the words “Precious Comments” to leave your thoughts.)

Offering God my cries because sometimes “hallelujah” is hard for me to say,