Shirtless boys……..060111002 Shovels of all sizes….060111003

Freshly-tilled soil………060111005 Tomato, lettuce, sweet potato, hot pepper, and cucumber plants ready to be placed in the ground….

060111001 A lot of faith……….. 060111014 Promises of a harvest…..060111008 Small beginnings……..060111009 

For me, gardening is a powerful visual of how God works.

We do a little.

God does a lot.

We plant a seed.

God produces a harvest.

I think farmers must have a special connection with God.  So much of what they do requires hope, faith, and trust.

I can’t help but think of my grandpa every time I work in my garden.  As a little girl, I would follow him around his Oklahoma farm watching him water his crops, feed his cattle, and build traps to keep rabbits away from his plants…he always reminded me of Elmer Fudd, trying to invent the perfect rabbit trap….fertile soil was the carpet of his office and he worked long hours………

Growing a garden in Kentucky helps me feel connected to my roots in Oklahoma. 

And it reminds me of God’s power to take our “little efforts” and transform them into something much bigger!