Psalm 116:5-7

5 The LORD is gracious and righteous; our God is full of compassion.
6 The LORD protects the simplehearted; when I was in great need, he saved me.
7 Be at rest once more, O my soul, for the LORD has been good to you.

Tomorrow we are heading out on a journey…………..

a journey to southern Indiana…………….

a journey to country backroads……………..

a journey to a place that I never should have known of………….

There is no phone number to reach this place, there are no advertisements…………….

Only word of mouth.

Yet, somehow, someone felt called to share with me about an Amish man who may be able to help Nick. An Amish man who puts his faith in God and gives Him all the glory for the ways he has been able to help people.

So when I heard about this man, and I did a little research, I felt called to go. At this point, I would drive anywhere and do almost anything to find help for Nick.

I pray for a miracle, and I pray for God to open the right doors. I believe that miracles in the Bible often happened in response to people doing things, so if that is what it takes, I will listen and obey.

I do believe that Nick is already a miracle!!!!!!!!!! He has defied the odds time and time again! I thank God every single day!

And yet, there is a nudging deep within me to make this trip.

So, my prayer tonight is that I can sleep. I need to be rested for this road trip.

My prayer is also for safety as we travel. And for Olivia as she stays here and goes to a birthday party and then spends the evening with Tim. And for Tim as he waits for me to call and tell him what I learn. And for Todd as he spends a few days in Lexington with old friends.

And then I think outside of my house to all of you who read this. And I whisper a prayer for each of you that God would fill your day with blessings and love. That you would feel His presence in every step you take. That you would feel peace in your as you go throughout your day.

And then I think of our country facing a huge election on Tuesday, and I pray for wisdom as each of us casts our votes. I pray for the leaders of our country – that they will have deep faith, strong morals, and genuine love for all Americans.

My mind spins round and round with thoughts and emotions, and I am thankful for promises like those in Psalm 116:5-7, which cause me to pray……………

Oh, Thank you, Lord, for being gracious and righteous.

Thank you for being full of compassion.

Protect me, Lord, for I have a simple heart.

Save me in my time of greatest need.

Bring rest to my soul, Lord,

You have always been so good to me.

Peace to each of you and praise to the Father who cares for us all!