Pride can easily get in the way of admitting I am struggling.

Why? I think it’s because……..

I want to look as if I “get” everything.

I want to appear professional and capable.

I want people to see me as someone who can handle the things life throws my way.


There are times when the “look” of being self-sufficient is chipped away by the reality that I am not able to handle life without the help of those around me.

Like an old piece of furniture, paint peeling to uncover the real wood underneath, I begin to reveal the true me……..

Fleck by fleck, the covering disappears and SUDDENLY, I’m not pretending anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the ironic thing to me is this:

I feel more comfortable in my old wood look.

I can smile even though I’m overwhelmed because I’m not acting as if I am not.

Yesterday I stayed after school with our new specialist from Frankfort for an hour and a half, and we broke down all the reading standards into units. We talked about formative assessments and bell ringers and lots of other things that I just needed to grasp at a deeper level.

I am so thankful that I allowed this lady to see beneath my chipping paint. She knows me now. She knows about all of my kids. She knows about the loss of Nick and Adrienne. She understands that I came to this job still hurting and seeing life from a different perspective than I ever would have had I not been placed on the road of grief.

Today, I’m wondering what you might be hiding under chipping paint?

I want to encourage you to reveal your real wood. You may cry…a lot. You may come out a different person than you are this very minute.


I really think you will feel free as you release the true you to the world around you……….

And ask for help if you need it. 🙂

JOHN 16:24

Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete.