The truth is:

I’ve been pretty much right here on the couch for the last week. 

I tried to soak up all my time with Mom while she was here.  I don’t know what I would have done without her for this first week of recovery.  She was such a big help.

I’ve had some visitors in the past few days:

december visits  0005_resize

Cindy and I have been friends for 21 years..Her son Jon was one of Nick’s best buds! I now teach at the same school as Cindy..she is the choir teacher!

december visits  0020_resize

I think Josh came to see Olivia, not me!  Josh is dating my friend Pam’s daughter, Katelyn!  He was in town visiting from Canada!! 🙂 Olivia thinks Katelyn has picked a very good boyfriend! 🙂
E-Harmony Works!! Isn’t that cool?!?!?december visits  0006_resize

My friend, Cynde, came by while she was in town from Lexington!  We raised Erich and Daniel together! Oh, the memories!mamaw visit 0092_resize

Tim probably wanted to leave from time to time instead of visiting me, but he has been a big help! Kandi and Olivia are enjoying some snuggle time.mamaw visit 0106_resize

Mom and I are wearing our “Spread the Love” shirts she got us for Christmas! 🙂 Can you tell I actually got up and cleaned up a bit on this day???mamaw visit 0097_resize

Kandi looks a little scared, doesn’t she??? december visits  0003_resize

So does Todd!

Caleb and Todd have done puzzles together since they were about 4!

Good times! december visits  0019_resize

This is my lovely Christmas Eve look….shew…Donnette saw me at a low point!  december visits  0012_resize

Andrew, another one of Nick’s buddies, brought by his girlfriend for me to meet (she’s beside me) and Kathryn (Andrew’s sister) is holding Kandi! They bonded quickly! december visits  0011_resize  Martha, another lifelong friend (she held our sweet little Adrienne until the coroner arrived 18 years ago) and Tiffany (in the blue), another friend for nearly 20 years both stopped by to check in on me at about the same time.december visits  0008_resize

John and Brett visited with Tim while I visited with their wives (Cindy and Cynde).

Mom left yesterday around noon. 🙁

After she left, I felt a little restless and started a project that ended up requiring Tim to do most of the hard work…….thankfully, he jumped in and helped my vision become reality.

He moved furniture all around the house and in the end my office is now in Nick’s bedroom (still totally Nick’s Titans’ theme) and my old office is now a little game room for Olivia and her friends.  I feel like we have two new rooms, and I know I’ll enjoy writing in Nick’s room so much more than in the little room right off the kitchen.  I’ll take pictures when I muster the strength to go back upstairs.  I spent yesterday afternoon upstairs sorting books and video games, and I’m now remembering that I still have more than several stacks of old VHS movies to go through that are sitting around all over the floor of Nick’s room. 

Thankfully, the TV show about hoarders (is that how you spell you it?) was running a marathon yesterday and our TV just happened to be on that  channel when one of the kids left the room. As Tim moved furniture and I sorted junk, I started to worry that I was showing symptoms of not being able to let go of things………

So, I did make a decision to throw some things away and had Tim place some things in boxes to give away when I get to a point where I can drive and actually deliver them.  Beware, you may be receiving gifts in the next few weeks!

Today, I’m back on the couch.

And that’s probably where I’ll stay until I go back to the doctor’s office on Friday for a check-up.

Tiffany just dropped off a book that I can’t wait to read.

It’s called:

Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy’s Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back


Todd Burpo

I’m going to dive into it now, and I’ll let you know all about it!

I’ve missed you all!

Much love,