Sometimes when I sit down and look at my computer screen, I have this overwhelming sense of “wordlessness.”

Today is one of those days.

I’m sitting in my classroom today, void of students but full of boxes, feeling a little emtional.

So much has happened this year in this room.

Happy moments, like the day when Mica decided to help teach a math lesson instead of lean her head against the board and say once again, ‘I want to quit learning.’

Laughing moments, like the day when I almost fell out of my chair because it lost balance.

Sad moments, like the day when one of my students had learned that his dad had left home and they didn’t know where he had gone.

Scary moments, like the day when a student got choked on a lifesaver and I was pretty sure that I wasn’t equipped emotionally for that kind of situation.

Exhausting moments, like the days when the students just didn’t want to open another book and read another lesson but I knew we had to press on in order to reach our goals.

Yes, this room may be void of students today but it is still filled with memories.

Isn’t life like this?

We lose people and time periods in our life that are irreplacable but NOONE can take away the memories.

Memories are a gift.

I think that is what Memorial Day is all about.

The gift of remembering those who have fought for our freedom in America and those who have gone Home before us.

Praying that today you find sweet memories in the midst of your feelings of loss.

Thankful that somehow God filled my blank screen with these words in spite of me.

Remembering His sacrifice in a powerful way and whispering, “Thank you, Jesus.”