One of our cars broke down half an hour from home last night.

Tim has to venture there today to figure out what’s wrong.


My hair color dripped onto one of my most favorite t-shirts.

(I knew I should have changed before starting this monthly project!)


A toilet overflowed upstairs at our house this morning……




I’m in a kind-of cranky mood!


There’s something about confessing everything that’s on my mind that frees me up to face the ugly parts of “real life,”

so I decided that before I tried to move on with all of the day-before-Thanksgiving “setbacks” in our home, I would take a minute to get my ugly out.


So here it is.


And I feel better.


You might be having a fabulous day!
I hope so!!


But if your day is a little less than great,

just know you’re not alone!!



Praying your Thanksgiving is full of special memories,

cars that work,

hair color that doesn’t drip,

and toilets that flush properly!


I love you all so much!!!