As I worked on packing tonight, I discovered that some of the most important things weren’t exactly the most obvious things…..

First, the passports!

We definitely can’t leave home without these!


We can’t leave anywhere without these!!!!

Second, toilet paper!!

Yes, we were told by several people to “take our own” as most places would probably not have this “luxury!!” YIKES, again!!!!

Third, flashlights!!!

We were also told that there can be unexpected power outages in India and we’d better be prepared!

YIKES, yet again!!!!

Fourth, animal crackers…………………..

Animal crackers!?!?!? Why Animal Crackers……?????

Well, years ago (almost 17 years ago!!) our family went on vacation with our dear friends John and Martha Jordan (and their kids)— the summer after Adrienne died.

Martha bought a gigantic bag of animal crackers for the kids to eat on the beach.

It was so funny, because all week we kept pushing the crackers, but the kids weren’t interested and we ended up back in Grayson with our almost-full huge bag!!

So, for the next few years, we took turns “delivering” the bag of crackers to each other as a joke! Mailing them, wrapping them and putting them under the tree at church at Christmastime, whatever we could think of to surprise the other family! Then one year I mailed them to the Jordans while they were at a state park in southern Kentucky, but I didn’t mail them soon enough and the crackers sadly arrived after they had checked out of the lodge…….and that was the end of our animal cracker adventure. 🙁

Until tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Martha texted me to find out where I was and said, “I have a little something for you.”

So, I stopped by her house on my way home from WalMart and she handed me a gift bag. Right before I opened it, I almost said, “If our plane goes down in the ocean, you be sure and come get this and take it back,” but when I pulled off the tissue paper I discovered a huge bag of animal crackers!!! That was the last thing I ever would have guessed!!!!!

I “cracked up!!!”

So, be watching for the adventure of the animal crackers throughout our trip to India!! I plan to make sure these little animals have a fun time everywhere we go!!!!!!

Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my!!!

Passports, and toilet paper, and flashlights………….

oh, sigh…………

I need to go finish packing.

Love to all of you! Next time I type it will be a long, long ways from here!! YIKES once more!!!!

Clinging to Nick’s Favorite Verse, Joshua 1:9,