Tuesday at school, I started feeling very nauseated.

By the end of the school day, my head was throbbing. Organizing my desk before heading home became a monumental feat.

Since putting on my pajamas Tuesday around 4:30, life has consisted of sleeping, being sick, and taking Tylenol to try to help with the aching all over my body.

I’m hoping for a snow day tomorrow, because the thought of standing in front of a classroom still seems like a task beyond my capability.


As I’ve gone in and out of “reality” over the past 48 hours, I’ve thought of all of you and wished I had the strength to say, “I’m sick.”

I’ve thought a lot about what happens when a person is sick.

Nothing seems to matter. Nothing but sleeping. And getting better.

Pain has a way of dominating the body, doesn’t it?


As I thought of my body hurting, I thought of the church.

The body of Christ.

And something occurred to me that had never really crossed my mind before.

Sometimes, the church gets sick. Sometimes the body of Christ undergoes painful experiences – deaths within the family, illnesses, sins that affect many….

And for that season, nothing else matters.

Nothing but getting better.


As I tossed and turned and reflected on what in the world God was trying to say to me in my physical pain, I remembered the words we often hear when sick and the words my doctor said to me last night, “drink lots of water and get plenty of rest.”


Could it be that as the body of Christ, we need to do more drinking from the Living Water and more resting when we are struggling?


The answer may not be more programs, more services, more members, more new songs………..


Maybe God is calling churches to be still and simply soak in God by reading His Word and learning more about His Son.

I wonder what a seeking, resting church would look like?  It sounds inviting to me right now.

A place to quietly learn about Him, read about Him, learn to love Him more.


Today, if you feel that you are spiritually sick, try this:


“Be still (rest) and spend time with Jesus…the Living Water.”


John 7:37

Jesus stood and shouted to the

crowds, “Anyone who is thirsty may

come to me!