I pass Nick and Adrienne’s graves every time I come and go from our house.  I almost always look towards them for just a second.  It’s just my “mommy heart” making sure all is well there. 

No messed-up flowers, no leaning lanterns.

This morning as I was returning to the house, I looked over at their graves just as KLove was playing, “Hope Now.”

It struck me that truly everything does ride on hope now….

That’s how I breathe.

That’s how I smile.

That’s how I go to the grocery store.

That’s how I paint a bathroom or rearrange a living room.

That’s how I sit through a basketball game.

That’s how I attend a conference.

That’s how I speak to a group of women who probably have a better grip on life than I do many, many times.

I do all these things while riding on hope.

Hope that the God of the Universe is carrying me.

Hope that there is more to life than this life.

Hope that yesterday’s tears will be tomorrow’s laughter.

Hope that in the end…….

I won’t need hope. 

I’ll have Him.

Until then, I am riding on hope now…….

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