These are things I was grabbing as I was running out the door this morning.

Two friends are sick.

One has lost her husband this week.

And I’d better eat a little something, so I can make it until lunch.

But I couldn’t just grab these things and run, because I love you.

And saying, “Good Morning,” is such a part of my routine that stopping to simply click a little morning message to you seemed as natural as trying to find my purse (which sadly is a morning routine too).

I took Benadryl before hopping in bed last night, because I have been dealing with some allergy issues lately.

I think the deep sleep caused me to keep pushing “snooze” on my alarm clock until I heard Maria from the living room saying, “Tammy, should you be up now?”

Yes, it’s been one of those down-to-the-wire mornings, and I need to be on my way.

But, I just had to say, “I love you” and “I’m praying for you as I head out the door and drive to work.”

Praying that your day is filled with beautiful moments where you are know God is right there with you.

May you find a penny just when you need to know He cares.

May the sunrise catch your eye in a new and beautiful way.

God is with you today, and I’m praying that just knowing that is enough for you to face today with confidence and hope!

You are loved!