My empty computer screen has overwhelmed me lately.

My fingers seem to hover over the keys, begging me to create words; but my mind fights back, convincing me that silence is much more needed these days.

I wonder if God had a similar wrestling match inside Himself on the night Jesus was born.

Did His fingers hover over the Earth, struggling to move…………….

yet longing to fill the world with Hope,

as He chose to write the living Word into existence?

Was His mind in conflict with His hands as He knew the ultimate journey this Son of His would take?

This newborn babe wrapped in swaddling clothes………………

destined for suffering and pain.

How did God do it?

How did He find the strength to move forward with such a plan?

I have to believe He saw the empty tomb on the night Jesus was born.

The angels surely saw it too.

Their songs of joy were more than announcements of Jesus’ arrival.

They were promises that God had finally showed up.

From this moment on Emmanuel, God with us, would change the course of history.

Today, you may be in a painful part of your own journey.

So many of my friends are facing tough days right now’ and believe me, the Nischan house has had it’s fair share of struggles the past few months…………….

Everything changes for me, though, when I look at the Nativity scene and also see the empty tomb.



Victory over death


Eternal Life

So much was wrapped in swaddling clothes that night……………………..

And your life is wrapped in all of this too.

No matter what you’re facing today,

never forget that all of your sadness

and pain

and confusion

and doubt

and grief

is wrapped up tight in the power of the empty tomb.

Feel the warmth of His love today.

He is holding you close……………….and just like that starry night when Jesus was born, destined for so much agony, God has a beautiful plan for you………………

far beyond the heartache of today.

IMG_0490 (640x480)

My empty screen has overwhelmed me lately,

but this morning I’m thankful to feel overwhelmed by the power of the empty tomb.

I want to see what God saw when Jesus was born,

because it changes everything about today.

I want to know Christ–yes, to know the power of his resurrection and participation in his sufferings!

Phil. 3:10