What is it about snow-covered hills dotted with evergreens that are drooping under the weight of heavy white branches? I often look at nature after a snow and am amazed at the pure beauty, the innocence of snow not yet trod by any footprints. I love to see a bird hopping from tree to tree in search of food after a night of snowfall. The simple trust of a bird….she doesn’t seem to be fretting as she hops and looks. She actually seems quite certain that eventually she will find just what she needs! And the roads! I love our road before any tires have reminded me that life must go on as usual…..I love when I know that everyone is tucked away in their homes, safe and snug, warm and toasty!

I’m not sure what my favorite part of a snowy morning is, but I do know that our Creator knew just what He was doing when He created all four seasons! What fun He must have had coming up with such a great plan! I can just hear the angels as He shared with them His idea about snow! White innocence falling from the sky, stopping major cities in their tracks, making the most driven of men somewhat immobilized, causing children to have a chance to sleep in and then spend the afternoon riding on sleds!

I love snow! It reminds me that Perfection did once come to this earth. It also reminds me that sin made perfection impossible for all of us. We dirty up the most beautiful of snows with not only our footprints and tires but also with our actions and tongues. The good news is that new snow falls from the sky every year bringing the promise of Perfection back to earth!

As God’s people, we must do all we can to show people how they can have a relationship with the Creator of this beautiful snow. We must show them how they can be made white and clean again through the blood of Jesus Christ!

The next time you get to experience a beautiful snowfall I hope you will think of God and His love for you! As beautiful as a snow-covered lawn may be, you are much more beautiful in the eyes of your Creator! He knew you before you were born! Psalm 139 Isn’t that great! And I’ll bet the angels loved hearing all about God’s plans for you too! Have a happy Valentine’s Day! You are loved!