If you are struggling in your grief or find yourself fearing the thought of death, I have a wonderful book to recommend.

Crossing the Threshold of Eternity: What the Dying Can Teach the Living by Robert L. Wise is a book full of Scripture and true stories of people through the ages who had amazing near-death experiences or final words and/or moments on their death bed that affirmed to their family that they were entering a place of wonder and beauty in the presence of Jesus.

As I read every page, I was reminded of Nick’s last moments.

He had been sleeping for about 36 hours straight without making a sound or moving at all when we noticed his breathing had changed, and we felt that the end of his earthly life was near.

As we all gathered around him (even my brother made it back from Louisville in time) he began to hum over and over and over as if he were humming along with some type of beautiful music. The energy in our family room was almost unimaginable. I remember feeling as if I was being pressed in on every side by some sort of air pressure, and then as Nick took his last breath the room seemed to be like a vacuum emptied of all its contents.

I truly believe that our room was filled with heavenly angels and that Nick was being ushered into the presence of Jesus as they all sang praises. Nick loved to sing!

This book will change the way you look at thin veil between life and death, and I believe, bring a peace that will last you a lifetime!

This morning as we dive into our third day of testing at school, I had to take a minute and share about this book because I feel like there is someone who may need to order it today. I am sure it is available on Amazon.

One thing this book affirms to me is that we do not need to fear death.

Another thing it reminds me of is this:

We truly can learn from those who are dying. Three days before Nick passed away, a friend of mine was sitting in Lexington by the bedside of her mom who was under the care of hospice (an hour and a half away). Her mom had not been told of Nick’s condition for over six months because it upset her to hear of any sad news. Even my friend did not realize how sick Nick had become in the month prior to this particular day. Suddenly, my friend’s mom, who was laying on her back in a hospital bed, looked directly at her daughter and with a very strong voice said, “Tell Tammy not to be afraid. I’ve got Nick.”

Two months later, her mom passed away and it was only then that she told me this story.

I love that Myrna said for me not to be afraid, because the one thing I was experiencing was great fear of the unknown. I believe God knew I would need those words to hang onto as I often look back on Nick’s last few days of life. I am so thankful that I now know with great assurance that there was no need for fear. Nick was not alone.

God promises never to leave us for forsake us, and I believe that He was speaking of even our darkest moments. As we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, He walks with us.

Praying for all of you today and asking God to bring peace to your life no matter what you are facing,