I don’t really like to drive in the snow, but last Thursday night I headed out with Erich, Mallory, Maria, and Todd to experience the “fun” of Black Friday shopping.thanksgiving weekend 003_resize

You probably can’t tell from the picture below, but we felt like we were the only ones smiling in WalMart on this particular “night/morning.” thanksgiving weekend 004_resize

The big sales were supposed to begin at 5 a.m., but every line was already backed up with at least 30 shoppers loaded down with Christmas treasures when we arrived at 1 a.m.

I have to admit I was a little overwhelmed.

The funniest part of the  night for me was that Tim was back at the house online with the list of things I had brought with me to the store, and he was finding the same deals online.

So he would text me with an item and the price, and I would text back, “go ahead and get it.”

In the end, I stood in line for these two items.

I was more hungry than I was in need of a bunch of “stuff.”

The movie was something Erich and Mallory wanted, and it was only $1.96!!!!thanksgiving weekend 005_resize

So I left the store having spent $3.06.

It’s just one of those years where less is going to be good enough at our house.

What I really needed that night was a fun memory with my kids.

And that is exactly what I got!

We ate breakfast at J-Boys (Jerry’s) at 3 a.m., and I had more fun there than I’ll ever have in a store.

thanksgiving weekend 012_resize thanksgiving weekend 013_resize thanksgiving weekend 014_resize

Next year, we may do this again……..

And skip the shopping part!

Have a great Wednesday!

And as you are preparing for the holidays I’m praying you’ll find the most joy when you are surrounded by family and friends!