Wrapped in frail and molded glass, edges scalloped so,

Light has such an easy task of casting a soft glow.

olivia and light 0910091

But what happens when life shatters,

breaking promises and dreams?

How do we bounce back

from the devil’s wicked schemes? olivia and light 0880088

From every angle, it is clear—

olivia and light 0890089

What we once had is gone.olivia and light 0940094

It doesn’t take a well-trained eye

to see we’re barely hanging on.

olivia and light 0970097

And as we try to make some sense of all our loss and pain,

We realize that our light is shining brightly just the same.


And maybe in some special way

our glow seems much more bright,

When the wrappings of this world are gone

and all we have is



So, if you’re barely hanging on,

and dreams have seemed to shatter….

Know that you are not alone

And to His heart you matter.


Keep burning for Him through your tears,

Keep lighting up the way.

He promises that joy will come

again to you one day.


And as you shine through brokenness, you’re lighting up the road,

For others who have felt great loss or carry a tough load.


So what happens when life shatters?

Let me tell you what I think,

I think we find out what’s beneath the pretty outside shell,

Deep inside our inner self —

Who does really dwell?


(Special thanks to Olivia for tossing her blanket over the couch in such a way that the light globe accidentally shattered without harming the bulb.)