I love snow!

Kids love snow!

Teachers really love snow!

When the weatherman even hints that snow is on the way, you can just feel the excitement in the air.

Yesterday as I was subbing, I heard teacher after teacher talk about the fact that next week the weatherman is “calling for snow!”

What is it about snow?

For me, I think it is the chance that the world might shut down temporarily causing everyone to simply stay home and cuddle up under blankets and sip hot chocolate.

White roads unmarked by tires or even footprints.

Tree branches drooping with piles of white fluff.

Snow covering up mud puddles and potholes.

The absence of imperfections in my landscaping.

Snow truly “evens out” the world’s good and bad into one big sweeping view of white beauty….

and in that beauty I find peace.

Being able to watch the snow fall is another thing I love. Witnessing the transformation from greens, browns, rocks, gravel, weeds, broken toys, bare branches……….into a white canopy of oneness.

Snowfall offers hope for all things to become “new.”

Isaiah 1 tells us,

18 “Come now, let us reason together,”
says the LORD.
“Though your sins are like scarlet,
they shall be as white as snow.”
Maybe, just maybe, this deep longing to be white as snow appears in us through………
loving snow days
making snowmen
creating snow angels
making snow cream
sipping hot chocolate
cuddling under a blanket
catching snowflakes on our tongue
God never ceases to amaze me. The very things we love are the very things He created with such deeper meaning.
As our town prepares for a possible “snowy week” next week, I hope I am preparing even more for the day when my faith becomes sight.
I long to be “whiter than snow!”
And I just wonder if Nick and Adrienne and Natalie and Tyler and Brittany and so many other precious children I know and love who have been taken Home early are playing in the snow in Heaven…..
I can just imagine a place so white and beautiful and yet not needing coats or gloves or hats or mittens…………
Thankful for a creative and loving Creator,