What do you hear when you close your eyes and listen?

Dishwasher running

Washing machine signaling “I am finished”

Pages turning in the kitchen as a book is being read by Robert

The springs of the swing bouncing as Marbles, our cat, hops up to look in the window

Horns honking

Interstate traffic moving

Life moves all around me….

Without me helping, it keeps moving…….

I’m learning in the stillness that it’s okay just to listen-

Allowing things to run and move and change and happen……

without me.

It’s okay.

I tend to be a mover, a changer, a runner.

But I’m learning to be a listener.

And I love what I hear.

I hope you’ll close your eyes for just a minute and listen to the world around you…….

And allow it to move without you if even for just a few minutes.

Soaking in the stillness,