carter caves and lexington 260

There was just something about Olivia’s bright orange bucket tossed over to the side of the creek that made me smile.

The contrast of the buckets bright cheerful color against the backdrop of the gray rocks struck me as a picture of Christianity today and possibly how God may see us in the midst of the world we live in.

Christians..trying to stay bright and cheerful even in the tough times. 

Christians…trying to stand out in a way that brings positive results.

Christians..sometimes standing alone in a work place full of gray hopelessness or in a home where others don’t believe in Him like we do.

The good news is that just like this bucket we all have the opportunity to bring a smile.  We all have a chance today to allow ourselves to be overflowing with His love.and like this bucket literally “pour” out His love on those around us.

Yes, it is easy to feel “tossed aside” and possibly like a “misfit” sometimes.  It’s also possible to just lay in the grayness and serve no purpose at all.  We have to choose to be used by God. I’m sure if Olivia’s bucket could have talked, it would have asked, “Why am I here?”  Knowing that it belonged near the creek being used to catch crawdads, but even in its time of being unused for its original purpose, God still used it to speak to me!!! 

Thankfully, God didn’t just put us here to lay in the rocks and feel hopeless.  But when we are in those times of life, He can still use us…sometimes in a more special way!!!

He gave us a job to do.  He wants to use us to share His Son with a gray world.  Imagine a picture of a thousand orange buckets!  That should be our goal.

Forgive me, Lord, when I’m not being used to pour out Your love.  Forgive me when I hurt Your Kingdom more than I help it.  Help me be a Living Water-Sharer! 

Thankful to be a simple plastic bucket with a not-so-simple job,