I’m not sure what’s going on outside this morning, but the birds seem extra determined to wake up the sun. I see hints of daybreak. A silhouette of the trees begins to form against a pale blue sky. I never doubt this daily transition. Never wonder if night will end. I trust the sun to rise as much as I trust my lungs to take... Read more


First Things First

September 17th, 2019


I’ve reached the end of Job once again. I’m not sure why God’s instructions to Job surprise me every time I read this last chapter. God is not happy with the words of advice from Job’s friends. As a matter of fact, he tells these men to gather animals for burnt offerings….. for themselves. “I’m angry with you,” God says. “You have not spoken of... Read more

surrender scripture

Surrender is Scary

September 13th, 2019


Oh, Job, you’ve never sounded quite so pitiful. This is the first time I’ve read this particular book in the Bible and actually felt a little compassion for his friends. Job begs for pity as if no one in the world has ever suffered quite like him. He looks around at the ones he calls “the wicked” and can’t understand why their lives seem so... Read more

table for tea stop sign

What If We Stopped?

September 12th, 2019


I knew when I saw this combination of stoplights and stop signs they were more than a message to me as a driver. Two red flashing lights hung over me and stop signs faced me – on each side of the road. This was not a normal intersection. I didn’t really understand the importance of such a warning until I was passing through this same... Read more

sunrise cross

Perspective Is Everything

September 11th, 2019


My husband has said it often, “Things could be so much worse.” Even as Nick fought cancer, we celebrated his lack of intense pain, his joyful spirit, his constant smile, our friends and family who surrounded us with prayer and love 24/7. In the midst of suffering, there was always so much good. —————- This morning as I read Job 11-14, it was very clear.... Read more

books and bible

Relying on a Spider Web

September 10th, 2019


Here I sit again with Job, listening to Bildad ramble on and on. Don’t people love to talk when someone else is struggling? Like Charlie Brown’s teacher, Bildad’s voice fills the air. I can almost see Job using his hand as a puppet to mimic the endless talking. But did Job pause like I did when he heard these words………. The one who forgets God... Read more

quiet corner sign


The sign reads, “Quiet Corner” and sits on the end table in our back room. It has sat here all summer, patiently waiting for me, while my life has been anything but quiet. From the loss of my dad to the wedding of Todd and Jessalyn to the temporary move-in of Erich, Mallory, and Elaine before they leave for France to the moving far away... Read more

do not move rocks


There’s a lot about me I’ll never understand, but one thing I know: When big things are happening in my life, my voice gets smaller. And when life pushes forward too quickly, I tend to pull back. Lately, I’ve felt a big push on my life, and because of this, I’ve found myself pulling quietly. If I’m totally honest, I’m still not sure which direction... Read more