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Pages turn in my Bible just as they do in the life of David. Battles are fought. And battles are won. At the same time, kindness is extended to enemies. Some, like Mephibosheth, accept the invitation to eat at the king’s table; while others, like the Ammonites under the rule of Hanun, question motives and reject the kindness sent their way. All the while, pages... Read more

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When God Says, “No”

May 7th, 2019


“When the king had settled into his palace and the Lord had given him rest on every side from his enemies, the king said to the prophet Nathan,  “Look, I am living in a cedar house while the ark of God sits inside tent curtains.” David’s entire journey to becoming king had been filled with war. He had literally fought for his title all along... Read more



Thanks to King Hiram of Tyre David finally has a royal place to live. Scripture says that after the palace was complete, David finally “knew” God had established him as King of Israel. I wonder how many times he looked from a window of this new home to the fields in the distance and reflected on his years as a shepherd? After years of running for... Read more

Being anointed doesn’t always mean you’re loved, and David learned the hard way that becoming king would take much more than the words, “God chose me.” The entire first half of First Samuel tells of David’s attempts to run from Saul, who wanted him dead……… not crowned. Even after Saul’s life ends, David finds himself in great danger. His very own son, Absalom, tries to... Read more

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Two hundred and twelve Levites were chosen to guard the temple. As gatekeepers, they monitored who entered the temple and who left it, protecting it at night and opening it every morning. From the north, south, east, and west, the temple was secure. ____________________________ It’s Monday morning, the sun is already brightly shining outside my kitchen windows. In less than an hour I will venture... Read more

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Why Genealogies Matter

April 26th, 2019


Genealogies are tedious to read. I stumble over the letters of each name, trying to get them right phonetically, but eventually find myself moving more and more quickly through each new verse. Am I really taking time to read these lists, or am I merely skimming through them so I can make it to the next chapter? I know the truth. And it hurts. Skimming... Read more

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I check the forecast. Should I wear long sleeves or short? Should I carry an umbrella or will it be okay to leave it hanging on the hook in my laundry room? Getting a peek at the weather helps me feel a little more confident as I prepare for the day. But some things about today I just can’t know. Will I get an unexpected... Read more


When God Seems Out of Reach

April 24th, 2019


“Why am I still here?” she asked us as she cried. Life had taken a toll on her body, her soul, and her mind; and answers didn’t come easily as I looked into her tear-filled eyes. It’s one thing to say, “God loves you,” it’s another thing to prove  it. Her life had been a series of unfortunate events, many of which she could not... Read more