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Finding Love on a Rocky Road

September 8th, 2017


Stepping into an elevator full of people I’d never met, I wondered how I’d ended up here. A new job. A new training. A new world full of rules and expectations. I smiled at the faces standing all around me and wondered, “Are they thinking these very same thoughts?” As the day passed by, I learned a few names and heard a few stories, but... Read more

quiet angel


Day after day, for the past couple months, my fingers have rested on this keyboard………………..motionless. Thoughts bouncing wildly around in my mind and  emotions running deeply through my heart, yet fingers refusing to budge. Sometimes finding a way to connect thoughts and feelings into coherent sentences feels like trying to tie a knot in a tiny strand of thread while wearing gloves. Today, I’m taking off the gloves.... Read more

As the worship service progressed, I could feel it. A gnawing sense of “trying” to draw close to God…………..and failing. Have you ever felt the wall? My heart longed to know I was in His presence. My soul yearned for some type of “feeling” that He was right there. But my mind continued to wander and wonder. As the sermon began, I hoped for words... Read more



 Last August, our daughter left for college leaving the last of our kid’s bedrooms empty. It felt so strange to walk from room to room and see perfectly made beds……. every single day. Tim and I were determined to embrace this new chapter of life together, but I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t say my heart often ached for some kind of noise…………. anything to fill... Read more

I remember sitting on the beach and watching my last sunrise with Nick. Much like this morning in Kentucky, the dark clouds attempted to hide what I knew was tucked right behind them. I knew they could try to mask the beauty of that morning, but they really had no power. The sun was still rising. We just couldn’t see it. And, honestly, I was struggling... Read more


Finding God in Your Mess

April 3rd, 2017


I somehow managed to avoid it for months. Endless craft supplies, all kinds of notebooks, and enough glue to hold together every science fair project in the county. I’m not sure if it was the hard work I was avoiding or the precious memories I would surely face along the way. Messes are like that, aren’t they? We find ourselves in the middle of them time and time... Read more

I can remember the moment like it was yesterday. Sitting in my bathtub, of all places, and hearing someone calling from my front door, I recognized Cheri’s voice immediately; and from my bathroom called back, “Come on in.” When your son has cancer and you’ve been told there’s nothing else the doctors can do, you stop caring about the condition you’re in when someone stops by to see you. Cheri walked right into... Read more


When Your Hands Are Just Too Full

February 15th, 2017


I knew I had overestimated what I could carry in one trip. Two large notebooks A Bible A tub of colored pencils And my purse……….. The trip from my car to the house didn’t seem that far – until I closed the car door (with my foot) and turned to walk inside. I could feel the wobbly stack beginning to slip and before I could see what... Read more