It’s strange how life goes. You grow up thinking you want to be this or do that. You imagine all the places you might live. You dream of having a family. And then you commit yourself to God’s leading……………….. you throw away your own ideas of what an adventurous life might look like in exchange for an adventure with Him. You lay it all down... Read more

dishes in drawer


I’m not sure why, but there was something about this particular moment –  Tim putting away dishes while I placed knives, forks, and spoons in their proper place.  Maybe it was the sound of our small talk mixed with the clinking of metal and glass that grabbed my attention. Or maybe it was the silence just beyond the walls of our kitchen that screamed more... Read more



Jesus saw the look in the eyes of His disciples as the storm raged all around them and spoke the words, “Peace.  Be still.” Suddenly, with no jet stream movement required, the storm was gone. All that remained was Jesus, the Son of God, and smooth sailing. This morning, Jesus is speaking the same words to me, “Peace. Be still.”  I’m feeling the to-do lists... Read more


Praise to the Teacher

November 3rd, 2017


It’s funny how God works. I remember playing “teacher” as a little girl, and I remember the day my sister and I created our own school library by gluing notebook-paper pockets in the front of all of our books so they could have their very own “library card.” I eventually became a real teacher and fell in love with my students every single year. But after... Read more


Growing Up Without Growing Old

October 25th, 2017

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Cropping out the world’s distractions and filling every corner of her life with joy, she giggles as she runs My niece always brings to mind Jesus’ words, “Unless you become like a child….” I need time with this little girl often, because I’ve felt a little old lately. Not in a real-world “I can’t believe I’m 52 kind-of way,” but in a spiritual sense. I want... Read more

It’s Monday morning and the big picture for this week is overwhelming. Between busy days at work and evenings filled with to-do lists that could easily get the best of me, it’s easy to feel tired before I even start getting ready for the day. But this picture…….. It caught my eye this morning and reminded me there’s something very powerful about looking close. Seeing... Read more

nick two


Nick loved the American flag. I wish I had time this morning to dig through old photos, because I know I have memories showing his deep love for the red, white, and blue. ————————————– Nick loved football too. Even when he could no longer walk, we made our annual trip to Walmart for the newest version of Madden Football for XBox. He counted down the days... Read more

fog road

My Foggy Faith

September 18th, 2017

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It gets the best of me so often. The unknown. The unseen. The signs up ahead I can’t quite see. Foggy mornings scare me. So does walking by faith. Take me out of the driver’s seat and everything gets worse. There’s something about gripping the wheel that at least gives me the false allusion that I have a little control over the unknown. And a false allusion can carry me pretty... Read more