It’s funny how a sermon can hit you in an unexpected way……….. cause your mind to wander………… and the next thing you know you’re thinking about what’s sitting on your kitchen counter that very second and how maybe just maybe you washed out empty jars the night before not so much to clean them but to somehow prepare your heart for the message the next day.... Read more


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Kids often run full speed toward new things. Who wouldn’t want to ride on “moving stairs?” But a lanyard around the neck of a little boy with tiny legs can quickly become an enemy when brought too close to a gap in the moving metal. Before I could even think, he was way ahead of me, moving upward, grinning and leaning down to watch the magic of the machine….... Read more



Voicing my political views on social media has never been “my thing.” Maybe it’s because I don’t feel informed or intellectual enough to carry on a healthy debate, or maybe it’s because so many online debates digress so quickly that a knowledge of what is true or false seems unnecessary in order to keep a “conversation” going. And who has time for that? Either way…………… I will continue to avoid... Read more

I can still see them……….. all of our kids. Sweatshirts and knit hats, talking and laughing as they passed this very ball. It lays in our memory garden most days now. A visual reminder of a different season. _________________ Like a tree holding desperately onto its leaves, my heart grips the ball. Maybe that’s why it lays there quietly season after season………… I’m still hanging on.... Read more


From MiMi For The Sunless Days

October 22nd, 2016


When I hold you in my arms, something magical happens. All the grief pressing down on my soul seems to lift a bit…………… and life feels so full of hope………….. all over again. I love you so much, little Elaine Adaya. I want your world to be perfect. Free from sadness. Free from tears. I want to protect you from everything wrong in this world, and... Read more


Broken Hope Is Still Hope

October 13th, 2016


“Uh-oh,” she said, as she realized what had accidentally happened as she reached for the fragile, plastic flower. Toddlers don’t realize how easily things can snap in two…………… and just like that…………… Hope was broken. Maybe that’s what Paul meant when he penned the words, “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” Romans 12:12 He knew what we all eventually learn. No... Read more

We’re All One Step Away

September 29th, 2016


I slowly reached for her arm. Scars ran from the inside of her wrist all the way to the bend in her elbow…………….. permanent reminders of a painful past. Addiction has a way of hanging around long after a person tells it goodbye. “I want to struggle,” she said. “I want to feel pain and worry about things like paying my bills.” Her bottom lip began to... Read more


Parking Garages and the Israelites

September 28th, 2016


Leaving people you love at an airport is never easy. Navigating your way out of a tightly-constructed parking garage isn’t easy either. And when you’re doing this for the very first time all by yourself, you find yourself incredibly thankful for every new sign up ahead leading you home. And, oh, how I need signs……………… Life is so much like this garage.   Unfamiliar turns. Dark roads. Intersections with... Read more