You would think I could find the right words by now; but when tragedy strikes, I’m speechless. I know too well, Words mean nothing when someone loses everything. So no matter how hard I try, there’s no stringing together of sentences that can bind what’s been broken. Life is hard. And words don’t make it any easier. So what do I say when I don’t... Read more

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I love reading the Psalms. I picture David, a shepherd turned king, pouring out his heart to God through writing. I imagine other men and women through the years doing the same thing. As a writer, I love knowing the stringing together of words  has been a way of connecting with God since the beginning of time. I love words. And I love when they... Read more

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David’s life is nearing an end, but he doesn’t stop working. He doesn’t slip into a royal recliner and say, “I’m tired.” or “I’m done.” Instead, he spends his last days organizing the tribes of Israel and gathering supplies for the building of the temple. If there’s one thing David has learned, it’s that God’s presence is worthy of nothing less than the best. Gold... Read more


How the Bible Wakes Me Up

May 17th, 2019


It’s grey and rainy this morning. The wind is moving through the trees outside my kitchen window as the branches bend to the right and to the left. Even though I went to bed early last night, every part of me wants to curl back up and sleep a little more. With hot tea in hand, I begin reading, determined to stay awake and see... Read more

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According to, Americans spend about 37 billion hours each year waiting in line. This doesn’t count the hours we spend waiting in the doctor’s office or any other kind of office where we’re at the mercy of someone else’s schedule. This also doesn’t count the hours we spend stuck in traffic or waiting for a movie to begin at a theater or waiting for... Read more

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Have you ever started something and eventually wanted to quit? It’s not that I want to stop reading the Bible. It’s just that I’ve reached a tough place in blogging through its pages. So much of the Old Testament is depressing. I don’t like the way women are treated. I don’t like the constant mention of war. I don’t like the way family members turn... Read more

“In the spring when kings march out to war……..David remained in Jerusalem.” II Sam. 11:1 He had to know. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time. And good rarely happens in these moments. So why does the Bible include this story? God chose David, and the Bible calls him, “a man after God’s own heart,” yet we find him here, sending all... Read more

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Pages turn in my Bible just as they do in the life of David. Battles are fought. And battles are won. At the same time, kindness is extended to enemies. Some, like Mephibosheth, accept the invitation to eat at the king’s table; while others, like the Ammonites under the rule of Hanun, question motives and reject the kindness sent their way. All the while, pages... Read more