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Don’t Leave Egypt Alone

February 8th, 2019


If you ever wanted a reason NOT to believe in a loving God, you might consider reading Exodus 12. But if you ever wanted a reason TO believe in Him, you might want to read this very same chapter……again. I’ll never understand His ways. Scripture confirms this in Isaiah 55:8-9. So when I read in Exodus 12:30 that “There was a loud wailing throughout Egypt... Read more

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Standing before Pharoah had to be terrifying. Like Dorothy approaching the “great and powerful Oz,” I’m sure Moses’ legs trembled and his voice cracked as he came closer and closer to the throne. Who wouldn’t find it difficult to smoothly connect words when placed in front of such a leader – A man with enough power to have someone killed in a moment’s notice if... Read more

  As I left the less-than-lovely gas station bathroom, the words “Do not open this,” caught my eye on the less-than-lovely bathroom door. Part of me wanted to listen. Touching the knob seemed like the very thing anyone in their right mind would choose to avoid. But I knew the only way out involved taking a risk. And I knew the message written beside the knob... Read more

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One phone call. That’s all it took to make time stand still. And sitting here this morning, I feel as if the clock stopped for our family for almost a week. Tim and I look at each other now and wonder what happened. We never dreamed last Wednesday would be the last day his mom would be alive. Coming back to Kentucky was hard. Leaving... Read more

My new chronological Bible changes things up. Interrupts history with the pain-filled story of Job. Slips it right in between the death of Joseph and the arrival of Moses. Uninvited. Leaving us on the edge of our seat as Joseph dies and the Israelites are left alone in Egypt for several generations – Growing in numbers while weakening in power. And isn’t this the way... Read more


Where Wisdom Can’t Be Found

January 29th, 2019


It’s an honest question. “What do you want to be when you grow up?” We ask children this question from the time they’re very young. Answers range from, “Professional sports player to lawyer to famous YouTuber.” But more often than not, the answer is, “I don’t know.” ___________________________________________ I read recently that the question we should be asking kids today is, “What problem do you... Read more

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When Holy Leaves Speak……..

January 28th, 2019


It’s no secret. You can move through life without ever turning to God. And still live long. Have power. And accumulate wealth. These earthly things are not connected to a relationship with the Giver of gifts. Yes, He blesses those who love Him, but He also blesses those who don’t. And His blessings aren’t always fair. Does a good father give their children every single... Read more

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It’s not too difficult to imagine Job, sitting in ashes, questioning his life. “What did I do to deserve this?” “Where did I go wrong?” “Why is this happening to me?” Suffering brings questions. And sitting with a friend who is full of them can feel like driving into a very dense fog. Scary and unsettling. Job’s friends must have been terrified by the questions... Read more